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Simplifying Doing Taxes using Tax Software

Are you someone that dreads tax time? Struggle to keep tabs on all of your receipts and spending? Tax Receipt Log understand how stressful doing taxes can be and have developed a tax app to help you through it. This cleverly designed GST software helps you successfully keep a receipt log with minimum effort. This tax tracker app will save you time and stress every year, making sure you never lose a receipt again!

Do I Need Tax Software?

This phone app is easy to use and super fast. Just 15 seconds at the checkout can save you hours of organising your papers and spending. Simply take a photo in the receipt app, add the amount of the purchase and save- it is that simple! You can add extra details like titles, notes and recordings whenever you like and view the spreadsheet full of your receipts at any time. Once you are ready to get your tax done all you need to do is send them in an email.

This amazing app will benefit anybody that pays taxes. Use it for businesses, sales or even tracking household spending and get organised in no time at all. Not only will you love the easy process but you will also maximise your tax savings as well. Receipts fade and every lost one results in money you can’t claim back. With this app you have a permanent record that’s available to you at any time. There is no need to fumble through massive folders or boxes crammed with pieces of crumpled paper; all you need is your phone at the ready.

What Are the Benefits of this VAT Software?

The best thing about this app is it truly is all you will ever need. You won’t even have to do long calculations as this GST/VAT Software will have the numbers calculated and at the ready for you. Every total is calculated, all you need to do is check it and forward it onto your accountant. Your accountant will love how organised you are and also save time while helping you.

Keeping receipts will no longer be a tedious task; simply snap a photo, put the hard copy away and know you are organised with everything you need come tax time. You will know when and where every purchase throughout the year was made, with the exact amount right there in front of you. View it on the go and keep an eye on your budget to reduce your risk of overspending by mistake. It is also great for those who need to keep track of all of their travel expenses like cab fares.

Own two businesses? That’s not a worry either as there is a way to keep track of them both without getting confused on which purchase were for which company. Absolutely everything can be labelled, organised and dated giving you the perfect log that travels with you. Our aim is the ultimate convenience and we believe our product offers just that.

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