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Who needs Tax Receipt Log?

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Why Should I Use it?

Tax Receipt App

Tax Receipt Log is fast, simple and easy to use.

In 15 seconds you can enter all the detials necessary to submit an expense claim or a tax expense return. It has user editable categories and emails the completed file to any email address when you need it. You receive a completed spreadsheet, with hyperlinks to each photo, note and voice memo.

You save time and money.

Every lost receipt is a dollar amount you can't claim back. It is a dollar you have to pay tax on. It is annoying. No more crawling through a shoe box of bits of faded paper receipts with coffee stains on them. Know where and when each purchase was made.

No more lost expenses.

No more adding up a pile of bits of paper, wasting time wondering what the expense was for or where the charge was made. No more frustration.

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Benefits of using Tax Receipt Log

Your GST/VAT Tax expenses are all entered and calculated.

At the end of a selected period (like quarterly GST/VAT reporting time) email the file and all your receipts are immediately available, the category of each expense is already entered. Any Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Taxes (GST) is already calculated, all totals done. Simply check the spreadsheet and email it to your accountant.

What will you do with all the extra time?

End of year Tax expenses done.

At end of tax year all your receipts are in one place, safe, none are lost. All calculations are done and you have genuine evidence of each expense available with immediate recall – (Now you can really file the receipt hard copy in a shoe box dated with year! And your accountant won't mind!).

Now you have your end of year tax done on time.

Expense submissions are a cinch.

As you end a business trip your whole expense claim is complete, neatly done, ready to be submitted electronically, all receipts immediately available to the accounts department as photos and all details of each expense can be already entered. Each photo has a the GPS data embedded (if you allow "use current position" o your phone) so they can verify where you incurred the expense. Just drop the hard copies by later.

The Accounts Department will love you!

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